#MCM: Enrique Iglesias

By Vanessa Herrera This Monday’s man crush is none other than the Spanish singer, Enrique Iglesias. Photo Courtesy of Niceeve.com You might know him from his classic song ‘Hero’ or his recent hit ‘Bailando’. His songs makes everyone drop whatever they are doing and start dancing whether they know how to or not. I don’t blame … More #MCM: Enrique Iglesias

UIUC Student Fall Fashion: Fall Edition

By Hana Hong As frosty temperatures slam the Northwest, students at the University of Illinois are doing all they can to stay warm. The efficacious sartorialist eagerly anticipates the crisp air and the opportunity to break out the bulky sweaters and cozy layers, but just before that time arrives, the awkward preceding season serves as … More UIUC Student Fall Fashion: Fall Edition

“Ten Commandments of Fall at UIUC”

by Tori Stukins When people think of fall, there are obviously a few seasonal staples everyone thinks of: leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice you-name-it and even jacket weather. Meanwhile, here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, things are a little varied from the normal fall symptoms. There are ten sure-fire ways that you know fall … More “Ten Commandments of Fall at UIUC”