A Corner Coffee Shop in Urbana

By Vanessa Herrera

Yes! It’s that time of the year again. Fall has arrived and homework is piling up, faster than the change of weather we’ve had recently.


Photo Courtesy of graytcoffeehouse.com 

With so much homework and exams, caffeine becomes our best friend, letting it be our life source and forgetting our mother’s advice to stay away from it. And what’s the best way to obtain caffeine? Coffee. Six little letters, one word, and I’m out the door trying to find this beautiful creation.


Photo Courtesy of tumblr.com

Now, you might see many students walking around with Starbucks cups. But Starbucks is not the only place to get coffee. Yes I know, mind-blowing! There are other places to obtain this lifesaving creation.


Photo Courtesy of tumblr.com

Being a coffee lover, I enjoy trying coffee from different places. Every coffee shop possesses a different creation. In addition to enjoying your favorite brew of coffee, the environment at a coffee shop is great for doing catch up on homework or hanging out with friends.

Currently, my favorite place to be is Caffe Paradiso which is located down South Lincoln Avenue street in Urbana. I discovered this cafe when I was trying to run away from the rain, on one of the few occasions I was unfortunately rained on.

The place looks amazing. The moment you walk in the coffee aroma tickles your nose, welcoming you into a cozy little niche. As you look around, it feels as though you just stepped into a movie. It’s a bit dim, but you won’t mind it once you see all the little hanging lights and colorful mugs (you can bring your own mug and save money!) and walls.


Photo Courtesy of enjoyparadiso.com

As I sit by the window with my coffee on the side, I can’t help but feel as though I am in Italy. It might be the decorations or maybe the antique look, I feel like brushing on my Italian speaking skills and reciting poems. Ok, maybe not to that extreme, but you get what I mean!

Coffee isn’t the only great thing they offer! The food varies from macaroons to a whole meal, there’s anything to get a hungry student going.


Photo Courtesy of enjoyparadiso.com

If you ever need a cozy place to do homework, finish that one last paper or even go on a date, stop by Caffe Paradiso. I’ll probably be there with my plain gray mug, reading over the hundred pages that’s due by the end of the week or simply browsing through Youtube videos.


Photo Courtesy of survivingcollege.com

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