#MCM: Andre 3000

By Tristin Marshall It’s been awhile since I’ve confessed my love for another man since I’ve been in a relationship, but he’ll just have to understand this one. This man has been on the rap scene since before I was born, but age is just a number when it comes to the love that I … More #MCM: Andre 3000

#MCM: Tyrese Gibson

By Mary Renee Presley Photo courtesy of www.stylebistro.com Tall, chocolate, Capricorn, white teeth and pretty smile are the attributes of my dream man. Coincidently, they are also the physical traits of a man, whom I hold near and dear to my heart. Yes, yes, give it up for my chocolate candy on a rainy or sunny … More #MCM: Tyrese Gibson

#MCM: Enrique Iglesias

By Vanessa Herrera This Monday’s man crush is none other than the Spanish singer, Enrique Iglesias. Photo Courtesy of Niceeve.com You might know him from his classic song ‘Hero’ or his recent hit ‘Bailando’. His songs makes everyone drop whatever they are doing and start dancing whether they know how to or not. I don’t blame … More #MCM: Enrique Iglesias