#WCW: Jennifer Lopez

By Joseph E. Davis Consistency is usually one of the hardest things to achieve in life, yet J-Lo has managed to remain effortlessly beautiful over the years. She celebrated her 45th birthday this past July—a fact that is more visually surprising than it could ever be said. In addition to her seemingly unchanged physique, Jenny … More #WCW: Jennifer Lopez

Halloween Is Coming!

By Xuanyan Ouyang Look, Mario is on Prospect Avenue! Photo Courtesy of Xuanyan Ouyang Maybe nobody knows why he’s here with a sign reads “Honk if you love Halloween.” But anyway, honk him because he has ignited our enthusiasm for Halloween. Also, check out spooky dinners this Thursday, Oct. 29 at ISR, Busey Evans, LAR, Peabody and … More Halloween Is Coming!

U of I’s Homecoming Uniforms Pay Homage to Legend

By Joseph E. Davis This year’s University of Illinois homecoming “Grey Ghost” uniforms–themed after the Illini Football legend Red Grange–not only looked good on the Illini, but they played good in them as well. The uniforms were inspired by Red Grange’s homecoming performance on October 18, 1924, in which he received the nickname “Grey Ghost”. … More U of I’s Homecoming Uniforms Pay Homage to Legend

Chocolate on Halloween

By Hina Gupta Halloween is over, and you ate all the candy One last piece of dark cranberry chocolate in your hand The greasy chocolate melts in your palms Hideous, sweaty and neglected Black gravel wet and damp, stuck on the fingers, From holding the bag too long Fruit flies surround it like the leftover … More Chocolate on Halloween

Spooky Space

By Hina Gupta With crunched time, some students skip out on the Halloween spirit. Here are some cheap, easy and quick crafts to decorate your dorm room in the most unique and efficient way possible. Try this craft. You can quickly pick up supplies from Wal-Mart or the closest store to you, are small pumpkins, … More Spooky Space