It’s Time for Fall Season Show Premieres!

By Danielle Wetterer

It’s the season finale of your favorite television show, and they have left you with the most climactic cliffhanger known to man. What do you do? You cry, cry some more then hope and maybe pray that the moment of the season premiere will come faster. Well, fear not, my fellow television show fanatics! The time is now.

babay tv gif

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Our favorite television shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time and Chicago PD are all coming back. Now, I know for my Grey’s Anatomy people, we are all hoping Meredith and Derek will pull through. Mainly because, the last thing we saw was Meredith saying she didn’t want to fly across the world with him and leave behind her life. And Christina? She is gone. What’s the show going to be like with Meredith not having Christina alongside her? I guess we will see when the premiere airs.

meredith greys

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I know we are all college students now, and a lot of us can’t afford cable. If you’re as dedicated as I am to these shows, I’m sure you will find a way to tune in. Whether you watch it a week later on the ABC website, or you find a link through YouTube (you know the ones I’m talking about), there is a way. I have faith that you will be there to see what happens next in your favorite television shows.

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