Student Spotlight: Sarah Sigmon of “Selfies With Alma”

By Indira Midha     Sarah Sigmon is a sophomore studying Advertising in the College of Media at UIUC. She has always been very creative and photography has always been present in her life. Her mother took a lot of pictures of her and her brother while growing up, so that love of photos continues … More Student Spotlight: Sarah Sigmon of “Selfies With Alma”

Feature: Lunch On Us with the Women’s Resource Center

By Indira Midha     On Monday, October 23, I attended the free “Lunch on Us” program put on by the Women’s Resource Center (WRC). “Lunch on Us” is a program that the university’s cultural houses, the women’s resource center, and the LGBT resource center put on. Every day of the week, there is a … More Feature: Lunch On Us with the Women’s Resource Center

Feature: Illinois Campus Recreation Employees

By Domi Watkins     What better way to relieve stress than by heading to the gym? UIUC’s campus offers two central recreational centers, the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC) and Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE), where students and community members can run, lift weights and play on the courts to their heart’s content. These … More Feature: Illinois Campus Recreation Employees

Faces of Chambana

Photos and Interviews by Vanessa Herrera Zac “What is your biggest regret?” “Nothing. Live life with no regrets.”” “So you don’t have no regrets?” “No.” “So why shouldn’t you live in regret?” “Because you spend time, money, and energy on something you cannot change.”  Kevin Hopkins “That’s a pretty cool bike. Can you tell me … More Faces of Chambana