Perfect Seasonal Care Package Guide for a Long-Distance Significant Other

By Emily Tao


Credit: Pinterest


We all know long distance is hard, so the best way to keep your loved ones close and thankful to have you in their life is: a care package! Sending a care package is a reminder and a fun, customizable way to show you love and miss your significant other. Have a theme! What are their interests? Or, what might they need?


1.) Lip Balm


Credit: Wroops


Winter is approaching, and no one likes the feeling of dry, cracked lips. Huddle up and prepare for soft kisses with your S/O when you get to see them for your holiday break! There are so many options to choose from and that cater to so many people. Lip balm is also something small and easy to take on the go.


2.) Candy


Credit: Chegg


Send your person their favorite candy, especially if they’re in college where stress is all kinds of crazy. This idea can help them indulge and relax in some sweet treats. Custom M&Ms, could also a fun,meaningful gift that your significant other would love to receive.


3.) Gift Cards


Credit: SkipToMyLou


If you have trouble deciding what to get, them give them a gift card so they can decide for themselves! This way, your significant other can get something that will be useful to them. Gift cards are also great for things you can’t typically send through a care package. Places like supermarkets, fast food, and sit-down restaurants are good examples of gift cards your other half can use to treat themselves.


4.) Homemade Baked Goods


Credit: Pinterest


Homemade goods are a nice reminder of home, perfect for the times when they’re just feeling homesick. Your significant other will surely appreciate homemade baked goods as a surprise. With every bite, they will taste the love and care put into making each treat.


5.) Favorite Movie


Credit: Pinterest


Alone time is necessary for recuperating from the stress of everyday life. Gift your S/O a nice night in: a movie date! Pack up their favorite movie with some snacks and let them have a relaxing, stress-free night to themselves.


6.) Healthy Snacks


Credit: Bring Me The News



Treat your significant other to good healthy snacks, such as trail mix, protein bars, or oats. These snacks are perfect for making sure your person isn’t unhealthily eating away their stress. They could easily pack some of these for class, or munch on them while studying.


7.) Instant Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate


Credit: NoBiggie


Colder weather is coming, so warm up your long distance significant other with their favorite hot beverage. Make things even easier for them by putting everything in a one-step jar, as pictured above. You can customize it for them however you’d like!


8.) Scrapbook


Credit: Pinterest


Create a scrapbook of things that remind you of them for a more meaningful and personalized gift. You can include pictures from past memories, as well as small mementos from places and dates that you’ve gone on.


9.) Calendar (with dates planned out)


Credit: Money Crashers


Sending  a calendar is useful for your S/O to be able to plan out their own life events. On the calendar, make sure to include plans for dates on certain days! This way, your significant other will have even more to look forward to when you get to meet with them.


10.) “Open When” Letters


Credit: Pinterest 


When your significant other is feeling down, this is a nice pick-me-up and a reminder of you. Reading one of these is certainly a good way to put a smile on their face. These letters will also be fun for you to make, since you can make them as creative as you want! Make sure to include old memories or inside jokes that will brighten their day.


11.) Sentimental Letter


Credit: Little Coffee Fox


Including a sentimental letter is the perfect touch to show how much you love and miss your significant other. You can truly express what they mean to you, and knowing how much you care is the best gift they could receive!


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