#WCW: Lauren Mayberry of the Band CHVRCHES

By Tori Stukins At this point, everyone in college has probably heard the hit single by CHVRCHES (pronounced ‘churches’) “The Mother We Share.”  I’m guilty of spamming several of my specialty radio show playlists with the wonderful Scottish band myself.  Their trance synthpop music is both soothing and helps to pump me up on a … More #WCW: Lauren Mayberry of the Band CHVRCHES

#WCW: Jennifer Lopez

By Joseph E. Davis Consistency is usually one of the hardest things to achieve in life, yet J-Lo has managed to remain effortlessly beautiful over the years. She celebrated her 45th birthday this past July—a fact that is more visually surprising than it could ever be said. In addition to her seemingly unchanged physique, Jenny … More #WCW: Jennifer Lopez

#WCW: Lindy Tsang

By Ada Li Who says a girl can’t have a woman crush? Lindy Tsang is always on the top of my woman crush list. As a beauty guru and an inspiration to females, she is better known as Bubbi from her YouTube channel Bubzbeauty. Lindy started her Bubzbeauty right after college due to unemployment, but … More #WCW: Lindy Tsang

#WCW: Gabrielle Union Wade

By Joseph E. Davis My WCW is Gabrielle Union Wade. To be honest, it sometimes hurts for me to say that last part (Wade! despite him being one of my favorite NBA players–but that’s neither here nor there. This article is about Gabby.). Brown skin, high cheek bones, beautiful smile, educated, and a strong woman that is … More #WCW: Gabrielle Union Wade


By Tristin Marshall  I have a massive woman crush on new artist SZA. She’s beautiful, talented, and a sweetheart (I haven’t actually met her, but in my head she’s the sweetest person ever). She is the newest member of Top Dawg Entertainment, with label mates that include the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q. She just recently … More #WCW: SZA