What to and What Not to Wear to Class

By Ada Li

Remember the times back in grade and high school where teachers actually enforced the dress code?  Unlike those times, college doesn’t seem to have a regulated dress code for class. Students can pretty much get away with wearing whatever they want as long as they don’t show up nude. However, are the clothes students wear to class appropriate? For some people, there answer is no. Here are some examples of not so appropriate attire for class and some tips to make it more appropriate.

Leggings/ Yoga Pants

Once the weather gets chilly, the females on campus start wearing leggings and yoga pants. They usually pair their leggings or yoga pants with a short shirt, a short sweater or a hoodie. Wearing leggings or yoga pants to class is inappropriate considering how they make panty lines visible and negatively define certain body parts. Sometimes, if the material is light enough, the underwear can become visible. I understand that leggings and yoga pants are more comfortable than wearing jeans. In order to avoid these problems, try wearing an over-sized sweater or a long shirt that will cover the butt. You can still be comfortable while rocking a seemingly effortless outfit without putting much thought to it.


paris hilton


Photo courtesy of http://www.stlmag.com/


green dress

Photo courtesy of http://www.kokoluxe.com

Gym Attire

Another popular choice of attire is wearing athletic wear to class. Whether you’re a guy or girl, going to class in gym attire may seem logical, especially if you don’t have time to go change after your workout or if you’re trying to squeeze in a workout between classes. However, you are not working out in class so dress like it. To avoid going to class in gym attire, you can never go wrong with the classic jeans or sweatpants and T-Shirt look.

Sheer Tops and Crop Tops

Wearing sheer tops and crop tops to class is just inappropriate. They reveal a lot of skin, especially if the outfit is poorly constructed for a classroom setting, but fits in perfecting in a college party setting. If you’re still insistent on wearing sheer tops, try wearing a tank top underneath it instead of showing off your bra. For crop tops, you can pair them with high-waisted shorts, jeans, and skirts. You can put them over a dress, which also works for sheer tops.



Photo courtesy of http://www.polyvore.com


cute clothes

Photo courtesy of http://www.pinimg.com/

Muscle Tees

Muscle tees are gaining popularity among the fashion world. It was once a gym attire but now many people are incorporating it into their everyday outfits. As much as muscle tees are good looking while working out at the gym, it is pretty revealing for class. Just try to leave the muscle tee for the gym or for a day when you don’t have classes.

muscle tee

Photo courtesy of http://www.static.freshpair.com

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