#MCM: Neil Patrick Harris

By Vanessa Herrera

Monday equals no fun day. We all just want to roll out of bed, put on our sweats, and hope that we get through the day. Even though Mondays suck, we all need that glimmer of sunshine in our day, and doesn’t love to see a well-dressed person on the worst day of the week? I don’t know what it is but when I see a guy in a good suit, I stop for a second and take a second look (don’t judge me, you’re probably guilty of doing the same). My Man Crush Monday knows how to rock a suit while making us laugh all at the same time. No one wears a suit better (or makes me laugh more) than Neil Patrick Harris.


Photo courtesy of csfd.cz

I’ve been crushing on this man since I saw him in How I Met Your Mother for the first time. He’s also known well from the famous television series Doogie Howser, M.D. where he played a teenager physician.


Photo courtesy of broadway.com

Neil Patrick Harris’ talent does no only stop at television—he can be seen on Broadway and on music tracks. He’s full of magic, literally. Just as his character Barney in How I Met Your Mother loves to do magic tricks, Neil does the same in real life.

do-u-like-magic-o (1)

Photo courtesy of http://stream1.gifsoup.com

Although he has been in numerous projects, in my heart he will always be Barney Stinson. His character has brought me so much laughter, and I am sure it’s done the same for other fans of the show. He has also filled us with memorable quotes that can be incorporated into our everyday lives.


Photo courtesy of fbcoverstreet.com

neil 5

Photo courtesy of picphoto.net

And can we just bring up the fact that he can wear the hell out of a suit one more time?


Photo courtesy of wonderfulengineering.com

f you haven’t seen his work, I encourage you to do so. He’s an amazing actor with so much talent and he is truly an inspiration. Take this Monday and do something daring and be legendary, just like Neil.

neil 6

Photo courtesy of imgarcade.com

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