#MCM: Tyrese Gibson

By Mary Renee Presley


Photo courtesy of www.stylebistro.com

Tall, chocolate, Capricorn, white teeth and pretty smile are the attributes of my dream man. Coincidently, they are also the physical traits of a man, whom I hold near and dear to my heart. Yes, yes, give it up for my chocolate candy on a rainy or sunny day, Tyrese Gibson! Gibson is a Grammy nominated R&B singer, songwriter, author and model. Some of you have probably seen him acting in movies such as, Baby Boy, The Fast and Furious series, Transformers and Four Brothers.  In The Fast and Furious series, he plays Roman Pearce, the muscular, tattooed, ball-headed chocolate man, who always seems to have the munchies.

tyrese gif

Gif courtesy of wifflegif.com

 Tyrese is well known for his smooth, baby-making music. His latest album Three Kings was a three-way collaboration between him and fellow R&B heartthrobs Ginuwine and Tank, also known as TGT. My favorite song off this album has to be “Sex Never Felt Better.” There isn’t anything more pleasing than three sexy men singing about their aspirations with love rather than with sex. Right now as we read, Tyrese is in the studio working on his latest album, titled Black Rose. I am really excited about this album, but until it comes out, I will be on Tyrese’s Facebook page taking in the very valuable advice that he gives to his fans about a variety of life issues such as success, love, God, family, friends and all the other things we may face.

I just love hearing his deep, raspy voice. It gives me chills. One day we shall meet, but until then, his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will have to do.

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