#MCM: Andre 3000

By Tristin Marshall

It’s been awhile since I’ve confessed my love for another man since I’ve been in a relationship, but he’ll just have to understand this one. This man has been on the rap scene since before I was born, but age is just a number when it comes to the love that I have for him. Every time someone mentions his name, I have to praise Jesus for the talent this man has graced my life with. Yes y’all, I am a total creep. I just love me some Andre 3000.

3 stacks

Photo courtesy of www.ign.com

As one of Atlanta’s rap pioneers, Andre 3000 emerged onto the scene in the talented rap duo OutKast, along with fellow legendary artist Big Boi. Their 1994 debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik helped to integrate the Atlanta rap scene into America’s regional-rap dispute, making the south a major contender. The rap game was in dire need of a fresh sound, and these two men (among other legends) are owed quite a few thanks for their lyrical talent and bold spirit. Every once in awhile, I find myself craving the lyrical genius of the rap duo, so I have to binge-listen to some of their best songs (y’all know Ms. Jackson and Roses). However, no album speaks to my soul more than 

I’ve loved Andre since I’ve been a hip-hop enthusiast. His lyrical presence was introduced to my life at an early age, and I have continued to watch is career develop since I’ve discovered my passion for the hip-hop genre. From his acting career in movies such as Idlewild and Four Brothers, to one of their most successful albums Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, to his animated series Class of 3000, I could never say that I’ve disliked anything this man has done. When any hip-hop-head hears that Dre is hopping on a track, the Internet is immediately SHUT DOWN! Who else has been in the rap game for as long as he has and is still as rich and as authentic as he was since day one??? Nobody (in my opinion, of course). And this is coming from a girl who has dedicated her life to hip-hop. This man could merely breathe on a track and have the hottest verse. It’s effortless to him.

The lovely Mr. Three Stacks was seen in the Jimi Hendrix bio-pic and also at Coachella last spring. I’m not going to lie, I was a little pissed at the audience reaction to the OutKast reunion (I secretly want to attack all those people that were there and didn’t lose their minds), but it’s all good. Andre baby, come to Champaign-Urbana or the NYC area when I’m in town and I’ll be front row watching you shut shit down. 3000 (fan) out!

3 stacks 2

Photo courtesy of wifflegif.com

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