Most Iconic Memes of the Decade

By Rachel King


There’s nothing like a meme to put a smile on your face when you feel like doing anything but. The 2010s were all too familiar with this slump and gave us a plethora of memes that kept us all going through our weeks, months, and years. Compiled in one place, here are some of the memes I believe to be the most iconic from the decade.



Confused Black Girl

confused black girl

confused black girl

We looked to this meme in about 2014 whenever we experienced something ridiculously frustrating or annoying that just really didn’t need to happen.


Blinking Guy


blinking guy

Blinking Guy encompasses utter shock, but sometimes in situations that don’t exactly warrant utter shock.


Grumpy Cat


grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat is the Squidward of memes, expressing our inner abrasive sides and being fed up with just about everyone and everything. RIP Grumpy Cat.


You Don’t Say


you don’t say

For all my sarcastic colleagues out there, this meme represented the epitome of mockery, saying so clearly what everyone was thinking but didn’t have the guts to say.


Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That


ain’t nobody got time for that

This quote originated from a video, but morphed into a meme once the masses began realizing how applicable it was to everyday life.


Bad Luck Brian


bad luck brian

If you think your life is bad, look up some Bad Luck Brian memes and you’ll instantly feel better about yourself. Trust me; no one has it as bad as Brian.


But That’s None of My Business


but that’s none of my business

Kermit captures our full-of-judgment selves with this meme, criticizing people left and right and then pretending it didn’t happen.


Arthur Fist


arthur fist

A childhood favorite since his show first aired in 1996, Arthur has revived in recent years to become the most passive aggressive meme you’ll ever see.


Roll Safe


roll safe

This meme embraces flawed logic to the point that it almost makes you feel good about yourself. It’s a slippery slope.


Distracted Boyfriend


distracted boyfriend

The Distracted Boyfriend was a classic, taking many renditions. This is essentially the same idea as when your mom has food at home but you’re staring longingly at the Chick-fil-A outside the car window.


Evil Kermit


evil kermit

This Kermit meme was definitely a crowd favorite, reflecting the bad influence that is the inner conscience as an evil form of ourselves.


Woman Yelling at Cat


woman yelling at cat

And finally, the most recent meme that’s found its way onto social media. This meme is very versatile, but the reactions really say it all.



There are so many more memes out there that will and should be cherished forever, but start with these to get the nostalgia up and running. Then over break, do yourself a favor and relive all your favorite memes from the decade. Fair warning though: Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

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