Spring Colors and How to Take Those Trends to the Real World

By Marissa Yefsky

Taking the best trends from the runway and making them work for our own lives can be very difficult. For me, I’ve always struggled in finding ways to make the fashion trends work in my everyday life. I’ve done research into what colors of Spring we’ll be seeing a lot of.

Hot Pink


This up-cycled hot pink button down that works for any occasion. Whether it’s wearing this blouse to class or to the first day of your summer internship, you’re sure to catch everyone’s attention while looking stylish.


Shop at Urban Outfitters


Faded Blue


Not only is tie-dye very popular right now, so is faded blue. This casual jumpsuit is perfect for any occasion from running errands to getting lunch with friends. 


Shop at Target


Ballet Pink


Pink is often looked at as a very “girly” color, but ballet pink is a soft shade of pink that is easy to match and works with every personality. These ballet pink jeans add a pop of color to any outfit, and they go with just about everything. 


Shop at ASOS




Pistachio green is a hard color to match, which is the reason many people shy away from it. These trousers are perfect for a nice dinner, or for a casual day at the office. Pair these with a white top and sandals or heels and you’re good to go!


Shop at Nordstrom




Saffron is a color that can be easily ignored because at first glance it seems like something that is hard to match. You can pair these ballet flats with jeans and a sweater for a casual day around town or at work. If you want to dress them up, pair them with a maxi dress or jumpsuit and you’re all set. 


Shop at Nordstrom




This scarlet red jumpsuit is a great option for any occasion. This jumpsuit has the potential to be dressed up with heels or wedges, or dressed down with casual sandals or sneakers. It’s a great versatile option and a necessity for your spring wardrobe. 
Shop at Aritzia

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