Simple Ways to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle this Spring

By Maddie Hayes


It’s time to come out of our winter hibernation and join the world once again. With this, a lot of us will be looking to make changes to our everyday lives in order to try to be healthier. This isn’t necessarily about losing weight or trying to look a certain way, we just genuinely want to lead a healthier life. This can seem a little difficult, so here are five simple ways to make changes in your life in order to be healthier. 


Start with small changes


Working out and eating healthy are both great things, but incorporating both of these changes into your everyday life can take some time. If you try to workout and eat only extremely healthy foods everyday, odds are you will get burnt out on your new lifestyle very quickly and then revert back to your old habits. The goal is to gradually make small changes that will last in the long run. Try to start by working out once or twice a week and make sure not to push your body too hard right off the bat. In terms of eating healthier, start by picking one meal a day to make a conscious decision to go for the healthier option. This will help you ease into the process a little bit, again, making it easier for the changes to stick long term. 


Take the stairs


Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator is so simple. It doesn’t seem like it makes that much of a difference in the moment, but after time all of those steps do really add up! If you need to get to a very high floor or a building or have groceries to carry this obviously isn’t the most practical, but in these situations try to at least take the stairs for a few flights before taking the elevator. 


Walk or bike


We’ve been waiting all winter to finally have nice weather, so you may as well go out and enjoy it while it’s here. Try walking or biking to your friends house instead of driving. Put your headphones in and listen to your favorite music or podcast and I promise you time will fly. Make sure to wear a helmet if you choose to bike!


Everything in moderation


We all know junk food isn’t good for us, but cutting all of your favorite unhealthy foods out of your diet at once will leave you with crazy cravings that aren’t fun. Rather than getting rid of these foods once and for all, let yourself have them every once in a while. Make sure you aren’t just eating them because you’re bored and something to do, but because you genuinely want it. 


Eat breakfast


It’s so easy to skip breakfast because of our very busy and hectic lives, but it’s so important to start your day off on the right note in order to be energized for the whole day. Starting the day off with water and a balanced meal will really help you stay on your toes all day. 

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