Ways to Have Fun at Bars as a Couple

By Elaine Sine


Credit: Diablo Mag


Face it: you’ve gotten old.

It’s a funny way of putting it considering you haven’t actually aged, but being in a relationship makes you feel like you and your partner have both become a couple of pleasant geezers that feel comfortable settling in on a Friday night instead of partying it up at Brother’s or the Red Lion. I never knew snuggling up with chocolate and cookies while exploring the depths of Netflix could be so darn wonderful.

I also didn’t realize how addicting this pattern could be until I was at a party with my circle of friends and one of them said, out of the blue, “Hey, let’s all go to the bars!” Everyone groaned in disagreement, and in the midst of my saying that I’d rather just stay and hang out with everyone, I froze.

I used to love going to the bars. In fact, I was usually the one who insisted that we go out dancing or do something wild. While thinking about why I detested going to a bar at that moment, I realized it’s because I used to go to bars as a single lady, casually flirting and dancing with friends. When you’re in a happy and committed relationship, you realize all the fun you’ve been experiencing is right in front of you, adoring you even at opposite sides of the room.

The thing is, though, I missed going to the bars. Definitely not because I wanted to flirt with strangers or have someone inching way too close for comfort, but because I missed having that quality time with friends: dancing, and being loud and just flat out ridiculous with them.

Therefore, I discovered it’s possible to go to someplace noisy and fun where there are usually a lot of single people, as long as you have the right friends (and your boyfriend or girlfriend!) with you. Here are some things to remember and consider when out at a bar with your significant other:


1.) Go to a pub. Pubs are quieter and may not have the crazy energy that other bars have. Also, the dimly lit atmosphere with the buzz of friends circling around each other inspires others to go in groups and do the same thing.

2.) Go dancing. It doesn’t have to be anywhere crazy, like at a dance club, but it should be somewhere you and your friends can make fools of yourselves and not have a care in the world. After all, that’s what friends are for. You and your significant other can maybe even start a conga line!

3.) With this in mind, don’t go anywhere too outrageous. Bars have their reputations, so if you know you wouldn’t enjoy being at a certain place, then don’t go there. Green Street is flooded with great venues and a thriving night life. Somewhere out there, you’ll be able to find the only bar you need for a fun night.


Obviously, this isn’t solely a couples activity; it’s also meant for couples to be able to have fun with their friends in a funky part of town! Staying home and playing video games with my friends and boyfriend is some of the best fun I’ve had in a while, but it’s also nice to switch the party scene up sometimes.



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