Best Outdoor Study Spots on Campus 

By Haniya Ghazi 


Sooner than we think the weather is going to finally start getting nice again and we are going to want to soak up all that beautiful weather. Outdoor study spots are a game changer in the spring and can make stressful days a little bit better! Here are some of my favorite outdoor study locations for when the weather 

unnamed (2)

Illini Union Blue Tables 

unnamed (3)
Illini Union

The union is a great study spot all year round. However, during the warmer weather months, the blue tables in the front and sides of the building are a great study spot! The umbrellas also ensure that the sunlight won’t distract you from your work. Not only will you be able to enjoy the nice weather but a beautiful view of the quad as well! 


Brew Lab Outdoor Seating 

unnamed (4)
Brew Lab

Brew lab is a great study spot any time of the year, but in the spring time the outdoor tables are the cutest little place to get some work done. Grab a coffee and sit in the warmth outside this adorable coffee shop right on Green Street for the perfect study vibes. 


UGL Tables 

unnamed (5)

If you get tired of being inside the library on a beautiful spring day simply step right outside the UGL and there are multiple silver tables perfect for studying. Being in the nice weather makes for an even better study environment and having these tables just outside this library is so convenient! 


Siebel Center for Computer Science 

unnamed (6)


Siebel center is a beautiful building for studying inside, however, if you go up the stairs to the second floor you will find a patio with multiple tables. With an amazing view of campus and the warm weather you are sure to have the perfect environment to get some work done. 


The University of Illinois Arboretum 

Aerial view of Hartley Selections Garden at UI Arboretum


Located in Urbana, this arboretum is a beautiful place to go and enjoy nature and the weather while getting some work done as well. Studying in a nature filled environment is proven to make you more productive and lower your stress levels as well. 


There are probably many hidden outdoor study spots that I don’t even know about but these are just a few! The UIUC campus is a huge place and I urge you to look around for new study spots that are perfect for the spring weather!

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