Activities to Help You Start (and Maintain) a Social Media Cleanse

By Rachel King


Many people consider giving up social media for a period of time in the hopes that doing so will enhance their social lives, make them more productive or improve their sleeping patterns, among other things. While a social media cleanse is a good idea in theory, it can be difficult to execute and may not last very long depending on the person. To help the social media-obsessed, here are some fun ways to spend your time so you can keep your mind off all networks and focus on the now. This way, you can get the most out of your cleanse and make it last even longer.

Plan out your week.


Credit: Passion Planner

Have you ever gotten all cozy in your bed only to realize you have an assignment due at midnight that you forgot to complete? Avoid last-minute panic attacks by organizing your schedule for the entire week rather than just one day. Not only will you be on top of all your assignments, but you can pencil out all your free time so you know when to make plans.

Clean your room.

Credit: PB Teen

Instead of yet again postponing this daunting task, turn on your speaker, play some music, and get to work cleaning the place where you spend a large portion of your day. Throw away everything you don’t need or use, organize your drawers and storage, vacuum the carpet, dust your bookshelves, and do whatever else you need to do to make your room as pristine as possible. Seeing your room clean will make you happier and encourage productivity.


Credit: Concept Art Empire

Pick up an adult coloring book at the store and go to town. There is something so therapeutic and comforting about staying within the lines and creating something beautiful.

Apply for internships or jobs.

Credit: Robert Half Staffing

Work applications are not always fun to fill out, but they are necessary. Knock yours out by dedicating a chunk of your day solely for applications, cold emails, and cold calls. Set a goal for the number of applications you would like to submit, and don’t stop until you achieve it. It will feel like a lot of work, but you will feel relieved and accomplished once it’s done.

Go to the gym.

Credit: Health & Style

Instead of wasting time liking other people’s bikini photos on Instagram, head over to the gym and work on your own bikini body! There are so many machines and equipment options, you are bound to find one that works best for you. Try a workout video every once in a while to change things up; it will keep you motivated to exercise.

Cook or bake something.

Credit: Cheddar’s

Pull up the Food Network on your TV for some inspiration, find a tasty recipe you’ve always wanted to try or are just really in the mood to eat, and put your heart and soul into creating a delicious meal. If you want to challenge yourself, try following along with the celebrity chefs’ recipes on TV.

Play a board game.

Credit: By Ken Levine

If you can’t remember the last time you cracked open that old, dusty box of Monopoly, it’s due time to play. Gather a few of your close friends and make a whole night out of it. Among my game favorites are Sorry, Life and Parcheesi – but don’t rule out Uno just because there are no game pieces.

Read a book.

Credit: Elgar Book Reviews

Grab a stack of books in your favorite genre from the library, pop some popcorn in the microwave and munch while you become invested in your novels. Alternate fun stories with self-help books that interest you to make your reading experience better and more well rounded.

Go for a walk.

Credit: Live Mint

Amidst these other activities, give yourself a breath of fresh air and venture outside to clear your mind. It is recommended you walk 10,000 steps every day, so try reaching this goal either all in one go or with multiple walks to keep your body in tiptop shape.

Write in a journal.

Credit: Crosswalk

Journals aren’t for everyone, but they should be because they’re an ingenious way to express your emotions while keeping them to yourself. Write about whatever you’re feeling, what makes you happy, or perhaps your hopes for the future. Whatever you choose, let yourself open up completely to the blank pages in front of you.

Have a dance party.

Credit: RouteNote

Invite all your girlfriends over for the jam session of a lifetime. Wear airy clothing you can move in, make different playlists that span across all music genres, and go wild with the shuffle button for the ultimate dance party. Throw in some karaoke for the full experience!



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