GALLERY: Study Abroad Travels in London, Dublin, Salzburg

By Jack Coombs


This issue, I will again be showcasing some pictures from my study abroad experience. I was able to visit some good old English-speaking countries, London and Dublin, as well as Salzburg, Austria for this issue. I have also been taking some time lately to explore what Vienna has to offer, and have included pictures from my host city as well.


London Bridge

The famous London Bridge. Despite the famous nursery rhyme, it’s quite sturdy.


London Eye

The London Eye had a great high viewpoint of the city. Super expensive, though…


Cliffs rightCliffs left

While in Ireland, I was able to visit the Cliffs of Moher. This was an absolutely breathtaking experience that the above pictures unfortunately cannot capture.


Moon rocks

During our Cliffs of Moher tour, we stopped by this area of land that looks like it could be made of moon rocks. It had a fantastic view of the ocean.



Of course, while in Salzburg we had to do the Sound of Music tour, and during the tour we stopped to take in this great view of a small town near Salzburg surrounded by mountains.


SalzburgSalzburg 2

If you go up to the famous fort in Salzburg, you get a beautiful view of the city surrounding it. Salzburg is gorgeous.


stephens vienna wide

Vienna’s famous cathedral, Stephansdom, is a massive structure right in the middle of Vienna’s first district surrounded by streets upon streets of shops and cafés.


St stephens vienna

This is the view from the top of the church, where you can see how vast the city really is.


It’s crazy to think that I only have about seven more weeks in Europe before I come back home to the States. There is still a lot left for me to see and do, so stay tuned for one more photo gallery for the semester!


All original images by Jack Coombs.

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