UIUC Student Fashion: April 2018

By Jack Coombs


Although it may not seem like it now, warm weather is right around the corner. However, for now we have to deal with the oddly prolonged time transition between winter and spring. Here is a photo gallery of three UIUC students and their fashion choices for this lovely time of year in the Midwest.



Model Name: Jon Heitz
Outfit: Blue sweatshirt with Nantucket red pants and white Vans (Dayum, Daniel!)
Location: Illini Grove


From a guy’s perspective, Jon’s outfit would be great to wear to class or even on a night out. The open sweatshirt could easily be replicated with a nice flannel shirt.




Model Name: Lexi Joyce
Outfit: Pink floral shirt with black jeans
Location: Lincoln Hall Courtyard


If you’re considering taking a professional photo, consider the Lincoln Hall courtyard. It’s isolated enough to not have other people in your shot, and has more than enough depth to create a nice, blurred background effect.



Model Name: Parina Patel
Outfit: Red leather jacket, grey shirt and blue jeans
Location: Illini Grove


This outfit could be great for those chilly spring days. It can provide enough warmth to brave the wind while still looking nice at the same time.



Despite the constant threat of cold weather, our campus will warm up. Don’t you worry! So get out there and express yourself with your clothes this spring.




All photographs were taken by the author.

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