The Best Restaurants for Moms Weekend 2018

By Maddie Sievers


The University of Illinois’ annual Moms Weekend brings with it plenty of activities to keep you and your mom busy. However, it’s not easy when it comes to choosing the best Champaign-Urbana restaurant to go to with your mom! These ideas will help you decide on the perfect eatery based on your mom’s style.


For the classic mom: Courier Cafe


Moms 1
Credit: TripAdvisor


If your mom is a no-frills kind of person, take her to the Courier Cafe. This cute, laid-back eatery tucked away in downtown Urbana is both delicious and affordable, whether you come here for brunch, lunch or dinner! Enjoy some favorites she would likely serve in her own kitchen when you were growing up, such as delicious homemade giant buttermilk pancakes and chicken salad sandwiches. She’ll also love the salad bar, where the plates are weighed on a vintage kitchen scale!


For the trendy mom: DESTIHL


Moms 2
Credit: AnthonyPeoples


DESTIHL is the perfect option for moms who like popular restaurants where they know they’ll find delicious food and great service. This hotspot in downtown Champaign puts a modern spin on classic American food, so your mom’s guaranteed to like whatever she orders. Also, if you’re in the mood for brunch, check out their amazing, one-of-a-kind midmorning treats you won’t find anywhere else!


For the foodie mom: Miga


Moms 3
Credit: Visit Champaign County


Miga is notorious for its Asian fusion entrees and inventive sushi combinations. This is definitely one of the most original restaurants in Champaign-Urbana; even if your mom is used to eating at gourmet restaurants, she will find something on the menu that impresses her foodie palate!


For the artsy mom: Radio Maria


Moms 4
Credit: Visit Champaign County


Radio Maria is a no-brainer for any artsy mom. The restaurant itself is a funky work of art, and its menu is filled with unique, flavorful tapas. While you’re in downtown Champaign, take her to some of the other artsy features, like Ten Thousand Villages or some of the street art in the area.


For the healthy mom: Salad Meister


Moms 5
Credit: SmilePolitely


If your mom is on a diet or enjoys making healthy options, take her to the Salad Meister. This new restaurant, conveniently located just off of Green Street, has a huge variety of salad options from which to choose. Your mom can also create her very own combination from the enormous amount of toppings!



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