Welcome to the April Issue



Dear Readers,


I hope you all had a fantastic break! It’s back to school, and just in time for spring – the weather is finally starting to look nice again. The temperatures have climbed back into the 60s, the trees on campus are regaining their leaves, and all the flowers are in full bloom. Soon the Quad will be filled with students, happy dogs and Frisbee matches (whenever it’s not raining, of course). It’s the season of fresh starts, and we hope that you will feel equally rejuvenated as you read through the April issue.

This month, we have no shortage of articles pertaining to events at UIUC. Get a closer look at Ikebana workshops taking place at the Japan House, or read up on some fun, free events for Mom’s Weekend (it’s right around the corner!) If Korean cuisine is your thing, you can read all about Jipbap Taste of Korea, a new and delicious restaurant on campus that opened this spring. We also have a photo gallery of some graffiti and street art sprinkled throughout various parts of campus – who knows, you may have passed by these same items already and not even known!

Our featured interviews this month are with Janice Marie Collins, an assistant professor in the College of Media’s Journalism Department; Stefy Loret, an up-and-coming student artist; and the staff of YouMatter, a video game studio founded by Jewel Ifeguni, a sophomore in Computer Science here at the university! All three have amazing stories to tell, so definitely give them a read.

There are plenty of other articles, videos, playlists and poems to check out, so I will leave the rest to you. As always, we at The Spread wish you a wonderful April and a successful rest of the semester. Have fun, and stay dry!



Madison Gillespie, EIC and professional puddle-jumper



Image Sources:

Original flower image from http://data.whicdn.com/

Graphic edited and created by Madison Gillespie


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