GALLERY: Campus Street Art

By Briana Fields


Street art is one of the things I can appreciate most about a city – it’s unique to the artist and transforms an everyday object into a canvas. Unfortunately – but understandably – it isn’t always appreciated by property owners and often gets removed or covered up. While our campus isn’t overflowing with traditional spray-paint-on-the-side-of-a-building graffiti, if you look around, you can still find ways that students or other members of the community have left their mark on the streets of Champaign. In case of removal, I’ve captured some of them here.


graffiti 1

On the corner of Sixth and Green.


graffiti 2

In an alley behind Cly’s.


graffiti 3

Same alley, different wall.


graffiti 4

On the corner of Sixth and John.


graffiti 5

On the corner of Fourth and Chalmers.


graffiti 6

A light post outside of Illini Tower.


graffiti 7

On the Illini Tower sign.


graffiti 8

The back of a stop sign at Fifth and John.


graffiti 9

On Armory.


graffiti 10

On Fourth and Daniel.


graffiti 11

A light post on Armory St.


Image Sources:

All images courtesy of Briana Fields

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