Get Ready With Me Vlogs: Winter Inspired Edition

By Jane Lee


There’s no doubt that Chicago is called “The Windy City” because walking to and from class there are students wrestling, or perhaps even embracing, the howls of Chicago’s mighty breath.  This year winter snuck up on UIUC students as the weather fluctuated from the mid sixties to low forties.  Now, however, with consistently low temperatures and the arrival of Starbucks’ seasonal peppermint drinks, it’s time for the official seasonal transition to begin.

So what’s the most anticipated part of winter?  Personally, it’s the spirit of holiday cheer and plethora of festivities that come along with it.  Nonetheless, YouTube beauty gurus are on top of it as they have already released some Winter/Holiday beauty/Lookbook videos.  There are many users that address beauty and fashion tips, but finding the most perfect style for you might be challenging.

Here are some beauty and style Einsteins that have created looks gorgeously suitable for the holiday parties sure to eat up your calendar this December.


Jen Chae- From Head to Toe

This video is your ultimate golden ticket for this winter’s holiday parties.  It’s no lie that a bold lip color is applied before heading out to a Christmas dinner.  Usually emerald green or black dresses/blouses are worn beautifully this time of year, and a statement red or pink will make your lips outshine the glistening snow.  Jen shows viewers how to perfectly apply lipstick and it may just come in handy to you this season.


Vivian Vo– Vivian V

This GRWM “Fall Makeup + Outfit” video displays a rather subtle look.  Though Vivian chose this makeup for the fall, this is a natural look that can be perfectly transitioned into the cool winter season.  On days where monotone colors take over your outfit scheme, let your makeup portray the same mute tones.  Your completed GRWM look will seem to say  “Looks like I didn’t try, but still looks pretty amazing.”  You will look effortless, yet gorgeously put together.


Lauren Vacula– Lauren Vacula

Blanket scarves are staple items for a fashionista’s wardrobe, especially to those who live in as cold of a city as Chicago.  Coming across this video, YouTube vlogger Lauren displays three trendy looks accompanied by her oversized scarf that not only keeps her warm, but makes her outfits appear even more seasonally beautiful.  These outfits would be suitable for casual winter days, or even abundant family dinners during Christmastime.




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