Unique Hot Chocolate Recipes For the Holidays

By Ruth Chung


It is that time again! December is here, and with it comes thicker jackets, Christmas lights and more inclination to spend time inside.  Hot cocoa can become a necessity to complete your book and blanket or even your circle of friends chilling fireside.  But the same old chocolate flavor with bits of marshmallow or perhaps a dash of peppermint, while tasty, can get old.  Luckily, there are creative minds that experiment with this type of thinking to create the most interesting (and delicious) flavors of hot cocoa for us to try!

Here are five interesting hot chocolate recipes you can try, if peppermint just isn’t cutting it this season.


1.) Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Peanut butter and chocolate is nothing new, but what about in hot cocoa? Try this recipe for a new take on this famous flavor duo!




For the full recipe, visit



2.) Lemongrass-Lavender White Hot Chocolate

Don’t have much of a sweet tooth?  Try this unique recipe for more of a zesty, Asian twist.  Besides its unique flavor, this cocoa offers an alternative to the super sweet, milk chocolate-based drink we are all familiar with!




If you’re interested in this recipe, you can find it at



3.) Nutella Hot Chocolate

The Nutella craze shall never die!  This cocoa requires nothing more than Nutella and milk.  Try it for a delicious nutty flavor that many have come to know and love.




For the full recipe, go to 



4.) Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate

This popular holiday flavor doesn’t have to be confined to Starbucks or other coffeeshops. The rich flavors of this drink can be accessed at home!  




You can get the full recipe at 



5.) Vegan Chai Hot Chocolate




Full of flavor and uniquely vegan, this is one hot chocolate with a unique twist.  By mixing in vegan chai, it is a healthier option too!

To get the recipe, go to




*Image Sources:






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