New Year’s DIY: Party Decorations

By Kelli Walker


New Year’s Day is when you can officially start fresh and leave the past year behind.  So why not get a couple of your closest friends and family together to celebrate?  Here are some great DIY tips and tricks for a mesmerizing New Year’s Day party that won’t hurt your bank account.


1.) DIY Candles
If you have any plain candles laying around, then here’s a great idea to transform them into a ­stunning centerpiece.




This DIY idea only requires glitter, candles, glue, vinyl numbers and a small application brush.  Most of these materials are already possessed by the average student, but even if not they are all quite cheap.  This idea is great if you’re looking to give some old candles a new and exciting look that can be used not only for New Year’s Day, but also throughout the year.

Steps to make:­new­years­candles­decoration


2. DIY Candle Jar/Vase




This candle-related idea involves an old candle jar or vase that you may have otherwise thrown away.  This jar can still be a great centerpiece with even less materials than the prior idea.


Using only four of the five previously listed materials, there are many ways in which you can decorate your jar/vase.  There are also countless different colors and designs that you can incorporate when decorating your jar/vase.  And no, you do not have to fill the whole jar with glitter ­ unless you want to.

Steps to make:­bride­see­winning­diy­wedding­decor­6C10019144


3. Pen Painted Glasses




For this next DIY you will need only two materials: glass cups and a paint pen.  You can either use old cups that you already own, or you can go and buy some cheap ones for this special occasion.  The best thing about this DIY is that there’s only one step: Decorate the cups however you’d like!

Steps to make:­diy­ways­to­throw­the­best­new­years­party­eve#.avrpZ68L 7


4. Sequined Photoshoot DIY




They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let this New Year’s Day be a memorable one by having a sequined backdrop where all your guests can feel like the star of the night.

Steps to make:­photobooth­diy/


5. Alternate Sequined Photobooth DIY




For those who may not have as much time to put together a sequined backdrop like in the previous idea, don’t panic!  There is still a way to have an amazing photo booth for your guests in half the amount of time to create it.  The only material you’ll need is sparkly fringe curtains.  And there’s only one step: hang it on the wall!  This idea takes under five minutes and just five dollars (or less!) from your wallet.

Steps to make:­gold­photo­booth/

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