Fun Winter Date Ideas

By Mea Donnelly 




With the end of first semester fast approaching, UIUC couples are either going to be separated over winter break or will be lucky enough to stay pretty close.  Either way, nobody wants to be apart from their significant other, so what better idea than to celebrate the holiday season together?  Here are seven cute (and not to mention fun) winter date ideas.

1.) Become Chicago tourists.  My personal favorite on the list, plan a day to go to the city together if you live close enough.  Start by going to the Field Museum, the Art Institute or The Museum of Science and Industry.  Then visit Macy’s to see the classic window displays, check out Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier and enjoy deep dish pizza at Gino’s East.  Or if Chicago is too far away, you could always be tourists in your own town too.

2.) Go ice skating.  What’s more fun than putting on skates and falling on your rear end a lot?  Doing it with someone you love.  Whether it’s at your local ice skating rink or the new one at Maggie Daley park, an ice skating date is sure to be a lot of fun.

3.) Go on a mini road trip.  Whether it is to see St. Louis, Milwaukee or maybe even Springfield, the drive there mixed with exploring will make this date unforgettable.

4.) Go sledding.  For those with mostly empty pockets, sledding is an inexpensive way to have fun.  Find a hill that’s worth using and enjoy the day messing around in the snow.

5.) Have a ski date. If you ski or snowboard, or are willing to learn, grab your significant other and hit the slopes.  Not only will you guys have a great time, but slopes have a tendency to create sparks.

6.) Go to the movies.  With December being a popular month for new releases, getting to see a movie with someone you love is a classic yet romantic date sure to send you both down memory lane.

7.) Grab a blanket, a classic movie and some hot cocoa and spend the day snuggling with your significant other.  Winter is pretty cold after all, so why not try to spend the day inside and cozy?


There you have it, seven dates for you and your significant other to enjoy while back in your hometowns.  Enjoy the true romantic nature of the holiday season and cherish the time you have with the one you love.


*Image Sources:×969.jpg

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