Cute and Delicious Christmas Treats

By Kelli Walker

There’s no greater feeling this holiday season than sitting at home in front of your Christmas tree drinking hot cocoa.  And after all the hard work of decorating as well as wrapping gifts, you deserve a delicious holiday treat. Here are several tasty Christmas desserts that you and your family can enjoy.


1.) Christmas Tree Cupcakes


This sweet treat may look like a centerpiece, but you’ll quickly find that it tastes even better than it looks.  The perfect combination of a cupcake and an ice cream cone, it’s fun to create as well as decorate and will definitely surprise your family and friends.

The recipe for these cupcakes can be found here.


2.) Candy Cookie Cones

This is an alternate Christmas tree-style dessert that is just as delicious. The cone is filled with scrumptious chocolate (or any other filling of your choice) and is decorated with any candy you’d like.  If you have family and friends with different tastes, then this dessert is a great way to  satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth desires.

You can find the recipe for these cones here.


3.) Christmas Ornament Rice Krispies 

Now of course the tree is a big part of Christmas, especially decorating it.  But what about the decorations themselves?  With this treat idea, we’re going to get even more creative by giving you the ability to make edible ornaments.  These treats are fun to make, and they taste just as good as they look!

Follow this link for directions on how to make your own Rice Krispy ornaments.


4.) Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops

This incorporated peppermint treat is one that looks and tastes great, but is also fun to smash into pieces!  It also makes a great small gift or an addition to any goody bag.  And as you can see from the above photo, you’re going to have to smash a lot of peppermint to give this treat its crunchy goodness (but it is definitely worth it).

Use these directions to recreate these pops for yourself.


5.) White Chocolate/Chocolate Chip Covered Chunk Oreo Cookies


If the previous idea sounds perfect to you but seems like too much work, don’t worry!  This Christmas, you could instead make a dessert out of something pre-made: Oreos! (Seriously, who doesn’t love Oreos?)  This Christmas treat idea involves covering Oreos in any kind of layers and toppings of your choice.  It is a great way to satisfy all of your family and friends, and makes an excellent midnight snack for Santa!

The steps for this treat can be found here.




*Image Sources:

All images used in this article are from Pinterest. 

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