‘Tis the Season For Peppermint

By Ada Li




‘Twas the night before November 1st, when all the stores in the nation sat in quiet anticipation for the holiday cheer to come.  Forget the beloved fall flavor of pumpkin spice, forget turkeys and Thanksgiving, for winter is coming.  Let the freezing air bring forth aisles upon aisles of Christmas cheer.  Succumb to those jolly jingles filling your head and embrace with open arms the new flavor of this season: peppermint.




Peppermint is essential to the holiday season.  Its cool, refreshing taste hits you like the icy, cold wind of a winter day.  Candy canes are the face of peppermint during the holidays.  People use them to decorate their Christmas trees, as stocking stuffers, and give them away as minty treats to friends and family.




Speaking of minty treats, peppermint is often used as the main ingredient for desserts this time of year. There are tons of peppermint dessert recipes for cupcakes, cakes, brownies and pies.  Let’s not forgot about peppermint bark either!  Stores are also stocked with peppermint flavored candies, especially chocolates.  It’s unfortunate that these goodies are only sold during the holiday season.




Don’t forget peppermint flavored drinks!  Peppermint makes a great addition to hot drinks.  Coffee shops nationwide fill their holiday menu with peppermint or mint flavored drinks.  Starbucks has its very own Peppermint Mocha, available only during the holiday season.  Besides coffee, peppermint goes well with tea, hot chocolate and eggnog, another essential holiday drink.

So this winter, keep warm in a cozy blanket and enjoy some peppermint flavored food or drinks.  It is sure to bring an extra punch of flavor and refreshment to your holiday season.


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