#TBT: Book bags with wheels

By Tristin Marshall 


Remember when rolling book bags were the “it” thing to have in grammar school? It made you feel as though you had some type of capital and a sense of coolness when you rolled through the hallways and those standing behind you had to stand ten feet away to allow room for book bag.

Wait, what the heck did we even put in that thing?!

I didn’t even know they made textbooks over two hundred pages at that age! It’s not like we all had MacBook’s in the fourth grade, so why was it such a big deal? Maybe it delayed our future humpback that we will get from carrying around biology textbooks and computers every day.

In their defense, it was much easier to pull your books rather than to carry them. Although there were major advantages in having a rolling book bag, there were even bigger evils. The frustration of having that bolder overturn on you while trying to run somewhere was perhaps too much to handle, and that is why we no longer carry them.

Also if someone tripped over your rolling book bag, they were almost guaranteed broken ankles.

If rolling book bags were cool at this age, I’m sure a lot of us would appreciate them. The luxury of not having to sling a book bag over your shoulder every day almost trumps the fact that they are a nuisance to everyone else. Will rolling book bags ever make a return? Let’s hope not!

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