#TBT: Boy Meets World

By Cassidy Williams  With the release of Girl Meets World fast approaching, here are five things about Boy Meets World that will get you excited for the premiere. 1. Topanga is still the most independent female character I can think of. While most other preteen girls on television were pining over boys and stressing about … More #TBT: Boy Meets World

#TBT: Windows 95

By Krystyne Jones  It seems like every parent has one, the stories that sound like nails on a chalkboard about how difficult times were when they were growing up. The infamous “back in my day” stories are enough to put any child to sleep. I always told myself that I would never have to worry about telling … More #TBT: Windows 95

#TBT: JoJo

By F. Amanda Tugade Before JoJo appeared in a pre-teen rom-com like Aquamarine or a family-com like RV, JoJo was a singer. The best. Let’s be honest. White girl had swag, and the voice to back it up. No one comes close to her. It’s just too bad that her stupid record label has been … More #TBT: JoJo

#TBT: Ryan Cabrera, Teddy Geiger and A Quick Shoutout to Laguna Beach (aka Kristin Cavallari)

By F. Amanda Tugade When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with all things Laguna Beach and two particularly spikey-haired, California hotties who rocked the acoustic guitar, Ryan Cabrera and Teddy Geiger. So, when I found out that Cabrera started dating Audrina Partridge (on The Hills, post-Laguna Beach) and Kristin Cavallari was Geiger’s … More #TBT: Ryan Cabrera, Teddy Geiger and A Quick Shoutout to Laguna Beach (aka Kristin Cavallari)

#TBT: Goosebumps

By Tristin Marshall As we sit glued to our chairs on Wednesday nights to watch American Horror Story or binge watch The Walking Dead, we have forgotten about the series that scared us the most as children — Goosebumps. The book series, written by R.L. Stine, was released in 1992 greeting kids with Welcome to Dead House. … More #TBT: Goosebumps