Pumpkin Projects without the Mess

By Annabeth Carlson

Fall is an exciting time of year that brings about changes in the weather, warmer clothes, bonfires and trips to the apple orchard. However, without mom’s homemade pumpkin pie and festive decorations, college students have a harder time getting into the fall spirit. Nonetheless, this problem can be remedied by simply purchasing the most iconic symbol of fall: a pumpkin.

Having visions of seeds and orange goop covering the floor of your small dorm room? Never fear. The following pumpkin projects provide ways of decorating without the mess of carving and will get you in the fall spirit faster than you can order a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks.

1. Glitter Pumpkins

glittered stem pumpkin

glitter pumpkins

What you will need: newspaper, paint color of choice, brushes, loose glitter and craft glue.

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Pick colors of paint and glitter that complement the fall season or match your room. Placing your pumpkin on a sheet of newspaper, paint the entire body. Once it is dry, apply craft glue in the shape of polka dots, stripes, etc. and pour loose glitter on it. Immediately shake off the excess glitter onto the newspaper and let dry. As an added touch, cover the stem in glitter.

2. Monogrammed Pumpkins

monogram pumpkin 2

What you will need: pencil, black paint pen and optional ribbon accent

Monogrammed clothing, purses, phone cases and jewelry are all the rage right now. Why not include your pumpkin in the trend? Simply use a pencil to trace the outline of your initials and fill in using a black paint pen. If you are feeling especially artistic, you can attempt the fancy cursive letters shown above.

3. Pushpin Pumpkins

pushin pumpkin

What you will need: pushpins and optional paint

This is perhaps the easiest pumpkin project to make. After purchasing a pumpkin, grab the pushpins you are not using out of your desk and stick them all over. The pins create the illusion of intricate polka dots all over and some fun unexpected texture to your pumpkin.

4. Metallic Pumpkins

gold pumpkin

silver painted pumpkin

What  you will need: newspaper and gold or silver paint (regular or spray)

For all of you classy people out there, metallic pumpkins are the perfect accent for an elegant space. Their simplicity and neutral colors will match in many different rooms. To create this look, set the pumpkin on newspaper. Depending on the amount of space you have, use either spray or regular paint to coat the pumpkin in your metallic of choice. Let dry.

5. School Spirit Pumpkins

illinois pumpkin

What you will need: stencil or picture of school logo, pencil and paint pens

In the midst of football games, especially Homecoming, create an Illini pumpkin that will give you fall and school spirit. Using a stencil or image of your school logo as a reference, pencil in your design. Then, fill in the drawing with blue and white paint pens.

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