Campus spots we’ve fallen in love with

By Jack Coombs


There’s something lovely about walking into an establishment and feeling happy. Any of these spots below can be used for dates, nights out, or quality meals and drinks. Take the time to visit these with someone you love.


New Kams

This place has been all the rage the past two weeks. With three separate bars, the classic blue guys, and a new location on 1st and green, Kams has retaken its thrown for favorite campus bar.



Call me old fashioned, but I truly enjoy just being able to sit down and have a conversation with my friends when I’m out. Legends has a great vibe, good beer deals, and a guaranteed good time.


Urbana Espresso Royale

Espresso 1

I found myself here one night editing a video for The Spread. Talk about cozy vibes. The place has a very rustic feel, and they also host open mic nights! Mix in some good coffee you’re chillen.


Kung Fu Tea


People around here love their bubble tea, and this place has got to have some of the best in town. Super close to the quad and with tons of seating.




Pizza by the slice with all the toppings you could ever imagine. The slices are huge, and it tastes fantastic. Call it drunk food, I’d call it happiness on a plate.



Another pizza by the slice place that can fill a person with joy. Good, hearty toppings, and they also sell empanadas


I swear I don’t eat that much pizza.


Bread Company

My girlfriend and I have a tradition that we go to Bread Company for special occasions. For lunch, delicious sandwiches. For dinner, a candlelight date spot with great food and drinks. It might hurt your wallet, but you’ll be fine with it.


tree quad

With a new year fully upon us, go out and find a spot that you love. Take your friends, loved ones, or just go by yourself and enjoy it!


All pictures taken by the author

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