How Campus Has Changed Over 10 Years

By Jack Coombs


Ask anyone who went to U of I before 2010, and they’ll say Green Street is one of the bigger changes to the campus. As Champaign real estate has grown in value and the demand for more luxury apartments has increased, UIUC’s central street has grown upwards. Here are some comparison pictures of campus from before 2010 and now. 


Special thanks to TJ Blakeman from the City of Champaign Planning and Development office for letting us use his photos!


Legends Looking West



Some obvious differences here are the addition of some much taller buildings. Two more luxury apartment complexes can be seen off in the distance.


Find the Pizza Hut



It’s almost hard to believe these pictures are of the same street. Notice how the Pizza Hut is in the same spot. The street feels much more alive and developed now. 


Sixth and Green



This pair really shows how the street has been vertically developed. Also notice some of the style choices from students in 2010 (I’m looking at you plaid shorts). 


Wright and Green



Follet’s Bookstore used to be another book store option for students. This building is the same, just with some new tenants. 


South Quad Bell Tower



This huge bell tower was being built around 2008, and here’s what it looks like now. It’s become a pretty recognizable spot on campus. 


With the development of the new KAM’s, The Dean apartments, the Target on Green Street and other building projects around campus, who knows what UIUC will look like in 2030? This bubble of a college campus stuck in between some cornfields is starting to look like a small city. 


Here’s to 10 more years of change for UIUC.

Updated photos by Jack Coombs

Captioned photos by T.J. Blakeman

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