Faces of Chambana

Photos and Interviews by Vanessa Herrera

“What is your biggest regret?”
“Nothing. Live life with no regrets.””
“So you don’t have no regrets?”
“So why shouldn’t you live in regret?”
“Because you spend time, money, and energy on something you cannot change.” image001

Kevin Hopkins

“That’s a pretty cool bike. Can you tell me a little bit about your bike?”
“I bought the bike at L.A. at a swap meet for fifty bucks, that’s basically it, it’s just a nice old bike. I got it cheap, I needed a bike while I was out there, so I grabbed it and had it ever since.”
“How long have you ridden it?”
“I was a student here and I know the best way around the campus is on a bicycle. Which why I still ride it.”
“So do you have a name for your bike?”
“No, no, haha no. I’ve got another one also for fifty bucks at the swap meet there. It’s one of several. This is an English racer, a Schwinn, one of the best bikes of its day. I just happened to pick it up cheap.”
“Do you think there’s any great money value to it?”
“I don’t have the slightest idea, probably, but I’ll keep riding it”

Aalok and Chirantan

“Talk to me about this bromance going on.”
“He was a senior when I was a freshman” “Last year” “Last year, and I was a freshman in Chi-town, which is an acapella group which performs all around the country and some situations outside the country. I guess he was my mentor, which is why we have a love-hate relationship”
“What’s the craziest thing a fan has done?”
“There was one girl who was at some university from Detroit and she stalked us from Michigan state university. She came out and went to Detroit to watch us perform and she literally launched on one of the Chi-town boys. She was around him all the time and the girl would not let him go. We felt bad but we’re like this is clear karma so we just let her go out. It was weird”


Martin: Tell me something crazy about yourself.
“Crazy? I don’t have anything crazy of myself. I’ve lived in four countries so far. Umm yeah, there’s nothing crazy about me.”
“What do you regret the most?”
“I don’t regret much”

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