The Best Horror Movies You Can Watch With a Student Discount

Jackson Thompson//

Credit: Women eating popcorn

With October arriving comes the inevitable buzz about the season autumn. For many it means kissing the hot summer weather goodbye, for some it means cozying up and enjoying the harvest that is to come, but to others it means that Halloween is on its way. To help you get in the spooky mood, we have created a list of horror movies available to watch on streaming services that provide a student discount, Amazon Prime and Hulu specifically. If you aren’t already reaping the benefits of these academic price slashes, now’s the perfect time to sign up and catch one of these freaky flicks!

The Descent (2005)

Credit: The Descent

Available on Prime Video, The Descent is a claustrophobic female-led adventure horror, following the grieving Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) as her friends take her cave spelunking as an emotional getaway. Given its place on this list, things don’t go exactly as planned. Without giving too much away about this brilliant movie, if you enjoy watching clever heroines fighting hard for a chance to see the sky again, this is the movie for you.

Lake Mungo (2008)

Credit: Lake Mungo

Another Prime Video pick, Lake Mungo is a mockumentary that surrounds the drowning of a young woman. As the crew does their research, more and more of her life is brought to light – and her family finds out much of it should have stayed in the dark. If you enjoy a grounded, slow burn story brimming with skin-crawling details reminiscent of the darkest of true crime, give Lake Mungo a watch.

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Credit: Jennifer’s Body

The last of this list viewable with a Prime subscription, Jennifer’s Body has seen somewhat of a renaissance in recent years. If you have somehow escaped the iconic power of this movie, Needy (Amanda Seyfried) struggles to react to her BFF Jennifer’s (Megan Fox) recent transformation into a man-eating demon. “Hell is a teenage girl” indeed, and if you enjoy the whimsy of teenage rom-coms with the grit of slashers, Jennifer’s Body is a hell of a good pick to tune in to.

12 Hour Shift (2020)

Credit: 12 Hour Shift

A selection from Hulu and the most recent release on this list, 12 Hour Shift is the perfect blend of crime, comedy, and horror. Mandy (Angela Bettis) is a nurse in 1999 Arkansas, and works as one of the biggest players in a black market organ harvesting ring. After her cousin, Regina (Chloe Farnworth) makes a careless mistake, they have until the sun rises to source another organ for a very important, and angry criminal. If you are a fan of things going wrong in the most entertaining way possible, 12 Hour Shift is a solid recommendation.

So, be sure to check out these movies this Halloween season to get yourself in the spooky spirit!

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