How to Embrace the Nice Weather on Campus

By Haniya Ghazi //

The weather is finally getting nicer, and all we want to do is enjoy it. Spring is here, so get outside your on-campus quarters and take advantage of it. Keep reading for some ideas on what to do on campus when the weather is warm. 

  • Sit out on the Main Quad. 
Foellinger Auditorium

When the weather is nice, the first thing I always want to do is grab my blanket and sit out on the quad. There are always people picnicking, playing spike ball, laying in hammocks, and doing work. It is truly a great place to be when the weather is nice. 

  • Have a picnic on the Krannert Center for Performing Arts orchestra steps. 

Krannert’s orchestra steps are a fun and cool place to sit and enjoy the weather! Grab some food and sit for a picnic while soaking up the sun. These steps are also a great place to catch the sunrise and sunset or even to have a photoshoot if that’s your thing.

  • Do homework at the blue tables in front of the Illini Union. 

Sitting at the tables in front of the Union and doing my work is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the weather while still getting my studying done. Grab some food, sip a nice cold drink, and open up your backpack for a sun-filled study sesh. 

  • Stroll over to Japan House.

Right on the outskirts of campus, Japan House is a beautiful place to go to enjoy the weather. The gardens, trees, and nature around you ensure you are fully embracing the warm weather and clear skies. I highly recommend taking a stroll over to Japan House if you haven’t already!

  • Do something active outside.

The nice weather also gives us the perfect place to do something active in the warm weather. Go for a run around campus, play football or spike ball with your friends on the Quad, do yoga on South Quad, go on a bike ride, skateboard, go for a nice walk, and more. There are so many options and great areas on campus perfect for these activities. The opportunities are endless when it’s finally spring weather!

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