Types of Pumpkins You Can Be Seeing This Fall

Emily Tao//

Credit: Pumpkin

Pumpkins are a must for the fall. Whether that be for baking, cooking, or even just decorating with, you should be sure to pick some up this season. Here are some types of Pumpkins you will be seeing at the Pumpkin patch to give you a sense of which ones you might want to grab!

Pie Pumpkins

Credit: Pie Pumpkin

Colors: darker orange 

Average Size: 4-8 lbs 

Common Uses: Best for baking

Miniature Pumpkins

Credit: Miniature Pumpkin

Colors: Varying colors and textures

Average Size: 2 lbs at most

Common Uses: Decorating your home or roasting

Classic Orange

Credit: Classic Orange

Colors: vibrant orange with highlights of yellow tones

Common Use: best for carving for decoration

Average Size: small, medium, and large

Warty Pumpkins

Credit: Warty Pumpkins

Colors: Color ranges from dark green to a bright orange

Average Size: Mini as well as 8-12 lbs ones

Common Uses: Soups and Decor

White Pumpkins

Credit: White Pumpkins

Colors: White outside with an orange inside

Average Size: Wide range of sizes from mini to 90lbs

Common Uses: Can be used for decorating or baking

So, now that you know all about these different kinds of pumpkins, head to the pumpkin patch this fall and go get them! The fall spirit is unlike any other season.

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