What You Should Know Before Moving in With Your Significant Other

By Kelli Walker


1.) Religion


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Despite this being an obvious subject that should be discussed, couples still do forget to talk about it until it’s too late. While differences in religion are not always a deal breaker, couples must ensure these differences in ideals are something they are willing to accept.


2.) Possible Addictions


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This is a serious topic that cannot, and should not, be avoided. What doesn’t seem noticeable or may even appear to be a small issue can become a huge problem, happening in your very own home. Whether the addiction is something that raises financial concerns, such as being a shopaholic, or using a substance in order to deal with emotions, these are issues you must be fully aware of.


3.) Expectations Regarding Marriage, Children


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Sometimes, moving in prematurely can delay the process of couples hearing their wedding bells. Informing your significant other that you do wish to marry and have children (or not) is important for your relationships, and it can definitely be a deal breaker if not addressed soon enough.


4.) Bills, Bills, Bills


Bills to be paid
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Bills do not pay themselves, and figuring out who pays what will save lots of stress in the long run. Some strategies could rely on splitting the cost, or it could be based on who brings in the most income and can handle more financially. Another decision to make concerns who will manage the finances. There’s nothing wrong with splurging for fun, but someone needs to make sure that all priorities are handled first.


5.) Friends and Family


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Did you know that some people move in together without knowing each others’ family and friends first? If the ones closest to you don’t know the person you’re going to be living with, then maybe you should reconsider for your own safety. Your loved ones know you best, so you can trust their judgement.


6.) Home Ownership Expectations


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Decide whose name will go on the lease as the sole owner. This is important because in case of a breakup, you do not want to want to leave the home in their care when it is under your name.






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