UIUC Student Fashion 2015: Fall Edition

By Madison Gillespie


Once again, it’s back.  The ever-anticipated fusion of rustic shades of orange and gold, of bonfires and corn mazes, of hot chocolate and oversized sweaters – all topped off with a healthy serving of all things pumpkin spice. The University of Illinois was officially graced with fall’s presence on September 23, and since then every student has worked to become acclimated to its arrival.  Campus fashionistas have been working especially hard.  With temperatures fluctuating throughout the day, fashion-minded students are facing a true stylistic challenge.  Indeed, a lot of experimentation goes into fall fashion, and this article will showcase some examples of UIUC students that have found their autumn style equilibrium.



This fashionista’s look is a lovely blend of elegance and charm with a bit of an edge.  The sleeveless blouse and black skirt make for a light and delicate ensemble, and the black bow on the blouse ties the two pieces together nicely, creating a girly aura.  Combat boots are a fall fashion staple, and in the case of this outfit, they do an excellent job of giving our fashionista a hint of edginess to her otherwise airy look.  Overall, she has found great balance between some very different styles. The addition of the lemon crossbody purse adds a pop of color and playfulness to her outfit.  How cute!


Meanwhile, this fashionista’s mostly black ensemble is a great example of how to wear a lot of particular shades without it being too overwhelming.  Stripes are quite the trend this season, and choosing to pair this striped top with the black cardigan, pants and boots was a smart choice.  It breaks the monotony of the black clothing and places greater emphasis on the print itself. Pairing the loose-fitting pants with combat boots additionally gives the outfit a bit of structure. The fashionista’s two skinny braids also complement the look quite nicely as their own sort of accessory.



Of course, what would fall be without flannels?  There are many ways to wear these plaid shirts, but this fashionista’s interpretation is both cute and classy. The dark navy of her jeans matches the navy within the flannel, and her leather booties are a nice contrast to the shirt’s soft texture. Another trend this season is statement necklaces, and pairing one with a flannel gives the garment charm.  This is especially the case with this fashionista’s necklace, as its pearls pop against the dark maroon flannel and go well with the white in the plaid pattern.


All-black looks can be very stunning, and this fashionista’s look is the epitome of that image.  Her black skinny jeans tucked into knee-high suede boots give off an air of sophistication.  Her thin gold belt breaks up the flow of black in the outfit, as do the red and white stripes along the top of the sweater.  The tiny cutouts along the neck and arms of the sweater make for a nice pattern as well. Speaking of patterns, the check print of this student’s cream Louis Vuitton handbag pops nicely against the dark clothes.

vintagebracelet1   vintagebracelet2 copy

This outfit is a great mix of basic colors and textures.  The woolen gray sweater will keep this fashionista warm on a chilly morning, but the chestnut-colored skirt and tall socks are perfect for when warmer weather sneaks back in during the afternoon.  Her white sneakers are perfect footwear for trekking across campus, and they are a great accent against the darker colors present in the look.  This outfit’s true accent piece, though, is the bracelet.  The large metal band contrasts against the soft materials of the sweater and skirt, and its gemstones lend some color to the look as a whole.


This is another look that has excellent balance between texture and comfort.  The knit feel of this fashionista’s tank combined with her loose cotton shorts and leather booties makes for an interesting combination.  The burnt orange color of the tank makes one think of a fallen leaf, but the brighter print of the Aztec shorts gives a playful nod to the warmer temperatures of an autumn afternoon, and the dark leather boots serve as a reminder that summer is in fact moving on.


This cozy look is a go-to for any day of the week.  Scarves are a practical and fashionable addition to any fall look, and this fashionista’s oversized infinity scarf gives her outfit volume.  The combination of the scarf and cream-colored cardigan will keep her warm throughout the day, and the dress underneath will prevent her from becoming overheated.  Her black booties are a delightful addition to the look.  Charming, comfortable and easily executable, this is an outfit that any aspiring fashionista could pull off and feel great in this fall.


Last, but certainly not least, this outfit experiments with a variety of elements to form a cohesive ensemble.  Loose, patterned pants give this fashionista’s outfit a boho feel, while the three-quarter sleeve hi-lo sweater opens up the look, keeping it light and airy.  Her gray TOMS are great comfort shoes for traveling across campus, and her emerald and gold statement necklace adds a touch of refinement to the look.

As evidence by this feature, UIUC is a campus home to numerous different fall styles.  Hopefully this goes to show that there is a look out there for everyone, that no matter your style or aesthetic, you too can be a stellar college fashionista.


*All photographs taken by Madison Gillespie

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