The JAMMIES Red Carpet Fashion

Articles and Photos by Hana Hong

The JAMMIES awards show recognizes extraordinary talents amongst individuals from all  areas within the College of Media, with awards being given for excellence and extraordinary  accomplishments in journalism, advertising and broadcast fields. An enchanting evening full  of amazing performances, there was certainly not an absence of style. Spread Magazine was  there to record the flurry of fashion pieces that bedecked the 4th Annual JAMMIES awards on  Sunday evening. Check out these smart sartorialists that graced the red carpet with  ensembles assembled to perfection.

jammies 1

Name: Taylor Petersen  

Top: Forever 21  

Pants: Nordstrom  

Shoes: Steve Madden  

While ensembles devoid of color often come off as dark  and moody, this Fashionista’s take proves there’s more life  in them than that. The #allblackeverything hashtag has this  season’s stamp of approval for spring. (Minimalist fashion  enthusiasts everywhere, you may now breathe a collective  sigh of relief.) Fashionistas are ever­-grateful to black for its  practicality, being flattering to wear and hiding a multitude  of sins. It is an elegant fashion statement that never  wavers from the fashion continuum. This Fashionista took  a spin off of the stereotypical little black dress, sporting a  matching top-­bottom ensemble that mimicked a jumpsuit  fashion. This tailored, monochrome look was all about airy  silhouettes and elegant backdrops. Her flared pants  balanced with a skin­tight crop top created an ensemble that promoted elongated legs and  emphasized curves.

jammies 2

Name: Gracy Xiong 

Dress: Vintage 

Shoes: H&M 

Necklace: Forever 21 

This season, the floral vibe is the girl who is thoroughly  modern yet unabashedly feminine. Much like the coming of  spring itself, this annual budding of crave-­worthy flora  never ceases to enchant and captivate Fashionistas.  Fashion in this case mimics nature; the seasonal blooms on spring runways portend the blossoming of blithe days of  the coming springtime. The vivid sky­blue color of the
dress and the solid black hue of the cardigan prevents the ensemble from looking too dated or  girlish. The modern and vigorous tone of the outfit been rendered in delicate pastels. This  Fashionista fully reflects this season’s take on florals that are graphic and vigorous, yet still  classically feminine.

jammies 3

Name: Alex Anton  

Dress: Forever 21  

Shoes: Steve Madden

Anything from soft flesh ­tone hues to earthy neutrals is  certainly going to be on the radar for spring. Timeless,  romantic and elegantly ladylike, this nude dress makes a  sultry statement. When sporting skin ­colored pieces, use  elementary details to spice up an otherwise basic piece. In  this case, criss­cross zippers and a cinching silhouette do  the trick. The beauty in simplistic pieces lies in its ability to  use accessories generously. This smart sartorialist played  with lavish arm candy and silver metallic platforms to amp  up her ensemble.

jammies 4

Name: Nika Roy Choudhary  

Dress: Zara  

Clutch: Zara  

Shoes: Charles and Keith  

Plum is a gem of a hue that will emanate royalty and  sophistication from any woman who wears it. This purple  beauty is marked with silver metallic studs on the shoulder  straps, with a heavily cinched waistline to create a flattering  silhouette. Further depth and contrast is created in her  elegant ensemble with a studded clutch that impeccably  fuses with her shoulder studs. To complete her plum color  story, she accessorizes her outfit with a pair of cozy, deep  purple heels.

jammies 5

Name: Adriana Garst  

Dress: Personal Design  

Shoes: Charlotte Russe  

Dresses in barely­-there hues are proving a hit on and off the  catwalk, offering an elegant and feminine alternative to this  season’s pop colors. In order to avoid the monotonous feel of  dressing in nude tones from head to toe, she makes the  variation through texture and detail. Fancy lace, fairy chiffon  and shiny patent leather are all great choices to enrich the flat  nude tone touch. Even more impressively, this Fashionista  designed and sewed this dress herself, a true tribute the  success of DIY projects.

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