Seven Ways to Make Your Dorm/Apartment More Bearable This Winter

By Mea Donnelly


As winter gets closer, everyone is slowly being reminded that we will have at least four months to spend indoors.  Whether you are in a dorm or an apartment, this thought can be cringe worthy.  With neutral colored walls and an unfamiliar stench, college living arrangements can be far from glamorous.  However, with these seven tips, you’ll be looking forward to winter before you know it.



  • If you have a corkboard, pin fabric to it.  This allows the plain, boring cork board to be adorned with patterns and colors.
  • Get a piece of scrapbook paper and a picture frame.  Place the paper in the frame and suddenly you’ve created a cute and stylish alternative of a white board.
  • Hang posters in a cool, yet sporadic way.  This can display your personality, while it covers up that extra wall space that you didn’t want to deal with.
  • If it’s ugly, put Washi tape on it. Washi tape is a lifesaver that adds unique patterns to any surface you want to decorate.
  • Don’t be afraid to hang lights. Although this seems a bit basic, if you hang the right lights in the right space of your room, they add a totally new focal point and can display the illusion of a dance party.
  • Add warm fabrics to give warmth to the cold dorm space.  My roommate and I brought in a white shag rug and laid it down.  The rug instantly became a focal point because it makes the room so much cozier and lovable.
  • Organize!  This may not seem like a décor idea, but a little organization goes a long way.  No clutter instantly equals a peaceful space to look at.  Get cute bins to store extra stuff in and desk organizers in cute patterns allow your personality to truly come through.


These seven tips will instantly change any dorm or apartment rooms from drab to fab.


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