Halloween Is Coming!

By Xuanyan Ouyang

Look, Mario is on Prospect Avenue!


Photo Courtesy of Xuanyan Ouyang

Maybe nobody knows why he’s here with a sign reads “Honk if you love Halloween.” But anyway, honk him because he has ignited our enthusiasm for Halloween.

Also, check out spooky dinners this Thursday, Oct. 29 at ISR, Busey Evans, LAR, Peabody and Gregory. Here is the menu from U of I Housing website:

  • Vampire Punch (Strawberry Punch with Grenadine)*
  • Ghostly Chili (White Bean Chili)*
  • Spider Legs (Calamari)
  • Blood Shot Eyeballs (Deviled Eggs)*
  • Corpse Meatloaf  (Meatloaf)
  • Engorged Maggot Stir Fry (Piri Piri Shrimp)
  • Cheesy Chopped Intestines (Macaroni & Cheese)*
  • Monster Mash with Slime Sauce (Whipped Potatoes and Gravy)*
  • Boiled Maggots (Basmati Rice)
  • Voodoo Vegetables (Coloful Fresh Vegetable Stir Fry)*
  • Wicked Witches Mirror (Fresh Fruit Display)*
  • Caramel Apples*
  • Kitty Litter Cake (Made with Graham Cracker Crumbs)*
  • Werewolf Teeth (Candy Corn)*

*Vegetarian items

In addition, students who enjoy the tour to a haunted house may find Gregory Hall Dining Room a great place on Thursday. Can’t wait to taste the Halloween-themed food and join Halloween parties!


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