Spooky Space

By Hina Gupta

With crunched time, some students skip out on the Halloween spirit. Here are some cheap, easy and quick crafts to decorate your dorm room in the most unique and efficient way possible. Try this craft. You can quickly pick up supplies from Wal-Mart or the closest store to you, are small pumpkins, plastic vampire teeth and pins. Just carve out a hole for the vampire teeth, stick the pins as eyes and your good to go! Makes a great Halloween favor and incredibly creepy. Small enough to fit anywhere creepy.

image001Photo Courtesy of Pinterest.com

The most important part of Halloween dorm decorating is the door. Get some white tissue paper and some felt, and tape and you can make a cute mummy. The mummy will look at you every time you enter your dorm room!

image003Photo Courtesy of ididafunny.com

Got left over milk jugs? Fill them with water and pop in a glow stick. Decorate the outside with construction paper or marker. Put some in a line and you have scary milk jug buddies!

image005Photo Courtesy of hercampus.com

Magnetic Bugs are great add-ons to anything. Add magnetics with glue to the artificial bugs and use the two magnets to stick them anywhere.


Photo courtesy of www.craftyincrosby.com

With these simple crafts at once, you can make your dorm room your spooky space for the Halloween spirit.


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