U of I’s Homecoming Uniforms Pay Homage to Legend

By Joseph E. Davis

This year’s University of Illinois homecoming “Grey Ghost” uniforms–themed after the Illini Football legend Red Grange–not only looked good on the Illini, but they played good in them as well. The uniforms were inspired by Red Grange’s homecoming performance on October 18, 1924, in which he received the nickname “Grey Ghost”. During this amazing performance, the “Grey Ghost” scored four touchdowns within the first 12 minutes of the game, and finished the game with a total of six touchdowns in a win over Michigan.

The Illini started off Saturday’s game in similar fashion as the “Grey Ghost”, ending the first quarter with 14-0 lead over Minnesota.  The Illini offensive performance slowed down after the first quarter, resulting in them only scoring one touchdown in the remaining three quarters. However, the Illini was still able to beat Minnesota with the help of their defense, who also added a touchdown to the score board.  The game literally went down to the last minute with the final score set at 28-24, Illinois’ way. This win broke a three game losing streak for Illinois this season and as well as a three year losing streak on homecoming.

Maybe the Fighting Illini had a bit of the “Grey Ghost” stitched into every uniform. Or, maybe we’re just that good. Either way, go Illini! Here are some looks at the “Grey Ghost” uniforms and the man who inspired them.

uniform 1 uni2

 Courtesy of Twitter.com/@illinifootball

uni 3

Courtesy of Fightingillini.com

V’Angelo Brentley returning a fumble recovery for a touchdown to give the Fighting Illini the 28-24 lead in the fourth quarter against Minnesota.


Courtesy of Fightingillini.com

Red Grange statue outside of Memorial Stadium


Courtesy of dailyilini.com

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