Wonderfully Bad Movies to Watch This Halloween

By Ada Li

Halloween is around the corner and as a college student, the days of dressing up and going from house to house for candy are gone. Going to Halloween parties is “in” instead. However, if parties aren’t your thing, why not grab a couple of your friends and enjoy some not scary but almost laughable horror movies in the comfort of your own home?


Photo courtesy of www.collegehumor.com

Listed below are some horror movies that aren’t scary at all unless you’re just not a fan of horror movies.  If you’re not, then these might make you jump. In no particular order, I give you a few picks of some wonderfully bad horror movies.

The Conjuring


Photo courtesy  of http://www.totalfilm.com

Based on a true story, the Perron family moves into a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island without knowing it is haunted by a witch named Bathsheba. Before Bathsheba hanged herself during the Salem Witch Trials, she cursed whoever dare to take her land. After countless strange occurrences, the naturally concerned family ask paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to perform an exorcism.

I would say the storyline isn’t that bad, but like many horror movies, they rely heavily on darkness and loud sound effects to scare the audience. If you are brave and dare to look at the ghosts that appear, you will realize how bad of a job the makeup artist did. In all honestly, the ghosts look more like kids playing dress up and borrowing their mother’s makeup.

The Cabin in the Woods


Photo courtesy of http://www.imdb.com

This is the typical horror movie… or so you think. It starts off like many classic bouts of horror; a group of friends decide to go to a cabin out in the woods for spring break. Everything is fine in the morning but as evening rolls around, the group starts drinking and become reckless young adults… but something is odd about their sudden change in behavior. Going with the typical horror clichés and tropes, there has to be a sex scene where the creature or killer happens to find the main characters. The rest of the movie focuses on them surviving and finding a way out. While trying to escape, they happen to discover the secret behind the zombie rednecks and other otherworldly creatures coming after them.

Director Drew Goddard and producer Joss Whedon made this movie with the idea of satirizing the genre in mind, so you know it has to be so bad it’s good. Like I have mentioned before, this movie is packed with typical horror movie scenes and characters. Even the movie itself makes fun of the many types of characters present in horror movies and the way they usually die.

Children of the Corn (1984)

children of the corn

Photo courtesy of http://www.moviepostersshop.com

Based on the Stephen King book of the same name, this movie is about a married bickering couple, Burt and Vicky, who ended up in Gatlin, Nebraska in order to inform the police about a dead boy’s body. Upon arriving in Gatlin, they find the town completely empty of anyone 19 and older. Years before, the children of Gatlin, under the influence of a boy preacher named Isaac, killed all the adults in town. The couple finds themselves going toe-to-toe against a group of children who worship a dark entity of the cornfields called “He Who Walks Behind the Rows”.  Of course, there is no escape.

I would say this movie is less frightening and more humorous, considering the fact that cornfields surround us too. Most of the scenes are fairly lit so jump scares are simply not a thing in this film.  You fully expect things to come out and try to scare you. Providing the movie premiered in 1984, it is a given the effects are pretty horrendous. However, I give the kid who plays Isaac props for playing his role in the creepiest way ever.

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