On Unofficial, have fun but take precautions

By Julia Marbach

Unofficial is crazy enough as it is with out having to worry about the tons of visitors. Friends always ask to stay at your place, they ask if they can bring someone and people are in and out. In this situation, it can be hard to balance fun with making sure things don’t get too crazy. Never fear, there are plenty of guidelines to stick to that will help make Unofficial run as smoothly as possible.

Have a buddy system. I know, I know, we aren’t in fifth grade, but regardless it’s smart to have your go-to guy or gal that you stick with the entire day. If she wants to stop in at this party, you go with her, and she’ll join you for whatever rounds you want to make. That way you never end up alone.

Designate who is in charge of the keys. I know this seems like a common sense tidbit of advice, but you’d be surprised how easily keys can get lost when they’re being passed from one roommate to the other and onto one friend then the other. If the most responsible one or two people in the group are the known key masters, things will get a lot less confusing later.

Hide your keys if you must. My roommate and I have been doing this for years. We have the selected key hiding spot, and that way if she and I aren’t together, neither of us will get locked out. We also can tell our visitors where it is and that keeps us from having to keep track of everyone.

Only let people you trust stay at your place. This is important, because your personal belongings are out, and if someone shady comes along you and your stuff may not be safe. Make sure you know who is staying at your place and that you feel comfortable with that.

Don’t get too drunk. I know this sounds like a parent warning their child against the dangers of alcohol, but it’s easy to go off the deep end on Unofficial. You’re drinking all day, you’re in the party mood, and soon enough you’re far more inebriated than you planned. If you are mindful of how much you’re drinking, the day will be a lot more fun and you’ll get more out of it because you’re actually conscious to experience it.

Most importantly, be safe and have fun.

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