Six songs for stress relief

By Teryn Payne 

It’s that time of the year again – midterms! Classes have officially gotten real. Now, it is actually time to crack open the books that we have spent hundreds of dollars on. With long hours of studying and many sleepless nights ahead of you, here are six songs to help ease your mind and relax your body:

1. George Michael — “Cowboys and Angels” 

I know what you are thinking. Just give it a chance! This particular song has helped me through many hours of homework. The jazzy melody of the beat and the serene sound of Michael’s voice is sure to help you stay focused, but not slow enough to make you fall asleep.

2. Eryakah Badu — “Times a Wastin’”

Contrary to the title, time is not wasting. As Badu hums the melody of this song, it is designed to be relaxing and help you prepare for your big exam.

3. The Weeknd — “What You Need”

Although this song does not contain many words, it sure makes up for it in the beat. Several instruments perfectly blended together create the perfect tune for studying.

4. Lupe Fiasco — “Kick Push” (Instrumental)

This catchy little tune is guaranteed to help you coast through those books and notes.

5. Norah Jones — “Don’t Know Why”

This song immediately puts me in a serene temperament. You can allow yourself for a brief daydream. I imagine myself in coffee shop in Boston cuddling up with book sitting by the window (sighs). And now, back to reality.

6. Corrine Bailey Ray — “Like a Star”

Ray’s tranquil voice provides an ideal ambiance for cool, calm and collective studying — and to reach my dreams.

 * * * 

Here are a couple extra tips on listening to music while studying:

My mother often tells me when I am studying to listen songs that does not have a distracting beat and that I don’t know the words to because you’ll often find yourself singing along. Try to listen to songs that keep you focused.

Another useful tip is to keep the songs on repeat. Then, you won’t have to lose your place and change the songs, which could pose as a another distraction.

Happy studying!

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