Etiquette Edition: Elevators

By Brittney Nadler

You’re going to be late to class, your sorority meeting and lunch with a friend.


Jenna Elevator

The elevator door bounces off the arm of your blissfully ignorant dorm neighbor as they continue to push the door back as it struggles time and time again to close and bring its passengers down.

They stand there talking, the dorm neighbor and whomever they’ve suddenly needed to talk to right now. Planning the most menial of events, discussing the most unimportant of topics as this human door jam prevents everyone inside from getting to their destination.

Besides those who can’t seem to make it all the way in the elevator, there are those who do – and shouldn’t – because they’re having an obnoxiously loud conversation on the phone.

While it is slightly awkward to be stuck in a five foot space for upwards of 20 seconds with a total stranger, the entire situation can be significantly less uncomfortable if you simply say hello or make the usual small talk about how the elevators suck and oh, you’re on the twelfth floor, too? My, I haven’t seen you up here and oh isn’t it dreadfully hot outside? What class are you off to?

It seems far too basic to be of any concern, but the fact that many students have yet to acquire elevator etiquette is a major conundrum. It’s basic: don’t hit the button and walk away, don’t throw garbage in there, don’t purposely close the door when you see people running toward it and don’t block the whole entrance so newcomers can’t get in. That is all.

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