Wednesday Woe: Electronic Music

By F. Amanda Tugade

Oh, electronic music — how you’ve etched your whomps, “ounz-ounz”  and bass-drop noises into our lives. Just the other day, I was watching a Toyota Corolla commercial, where it illustrates the sounds of the decades. It showcased ’60s psychedlic music, ’70s disco, ’80s hip-hop, ’90s grunge and of course, we’ve got the current sound of electronic/dubstep-like music — completely created from our good ol’ friend technology.

Now, we can watch one guy play and click buttons behind a laptop on a huge stage decorated with strobe lights while the crowd has rhythmic seizures and sing along to auto-tuned lyrics. Much has changed since the days of watching, admiring and lusting over people with real vocal and musical talent.

Sidenote: Remember when Skrillex’s hair caught on fire when he was blowing out his candles

OK, back to the real topic. I don’t know, may be this is just me, but whatever happened to talent? Why are kids these days accepting mediocrity in music? There’s a problem when our youth is fixated on talentless musicians, and all that music is regurgitated on the radio and on TV. Kids are being robbed and brainwashed by mainstream media, and you know what? Parents please, please introduce your children to your generation’s music because ours isn’t getting any better. All the good ones are getting buried.

Well, this week in the first edition of Wednesday Woes, I’m dedicating the following song selections to pairs of ears out there who need a lesson in some good music.

1. Al Green — “Let’s Stay Together”

2. The Lawrence Arms — “Ghost Stories”

3. Atmosphere — “Yesterday”

4. Kendrick Lamar — “Money Trees”

5. Janet Jackson — “That’s The Way Love Goes”

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